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beezlikethat asked : So... it's this girl in my art class and she's a stripper. She's comfortable in her body but she talks about being naked all the time. She mentions her job every time she opens her mouth and she came to class crying today. Is she seeking attention? I feel like a real stripper would have her shit together and make that money.

LOL at this question. I personally think you should take pride in what you do for a living if you love it, but it seems like she’s just mentioning it for attention(wth is she even crying about anyway?). And as far as “having her shit together”, there are sooo many different kinds of strippers… the shady ones, the quiet ones, the “I’ve been here 5+ years so I’m gonna pick on every new girl that walks in” ones, the ones that strip to pay for drugs, the ones that do it for fun, the ones that are focused on getting money and stacking til’ they can’t stack no more(usually traveling strippers), etc. She sounds like a newb that’s just happy to be one of the girls that Drake writes songs about. 

Goofy is the only classic Disney character who has had sex.

Mickey has nephews, Donald has nephews, Goofy has a son.

And he wasn’t adopted, he looks just like him.

Goofy… has had sex.
Goofy… has known a woman biblically.

Imagine what it must’ve looked like.
Imagine what it sounded like.

These are the things I think about when I wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat.


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