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have you ever met a guy so hot you started masturbating while you were standing up talking to him? 

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djtwin33 asked : I wanna be like u when I grow up? Will you follow me?


When you grow up?
In ya Avi you look 40…
I’m 23..

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"whoever did this must have been on so many drugs"
— people who have absolutely no creative talent nor done any drugs in their life  (via popsucksmytits)
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this video changed my life.

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ucey-jucey replied to your post: dragqueeneames asked:Man…James …

he looks like hes constantly coated in a layer of his own cum. Just grime and sticky lookin.

i love it when the beyhive attacks


So nasty and so rude.

white boy: bae can you come pick me up
me: bitch fuck u and ur broke no car havin ass ASS find a way home and then pick up some publix chicken on the way *hangs up mid sentence*
~*~*~*ON THE FLIP SIDE~*~*~*
black boy: bae can you come pick me up
me: bitch fuck u and ur bro--
black boy: nigga if you dont getcho bougie booty pirate ass down here and get me imma fuck yo ass up
me: ok boo
*always on time by ja rule ft. ashanti plays*
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