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commedesbrazil asked : um where the fuck are these scans coming from?

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"well, black women are born with the same gift of youth so the semen would be ineffective. once ineffective that power is gone forever." *Falls the fuck outta life*


I love One Direction fans. Y’all are thirsty as hell from the minute you wake up until the minute you fall asleep and I appreciate that. I appreciate y’all.



*listens to no scrubs by tlc*

*feels personally attacked*


Fake BiTCH


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cardigankhaleesi asked : Demon Knight was the only time I found Billy Zane fine as hell.

he’s such a great value version of marlon brando but who doesn’t love a deal?


white dick is never good to the point where you need to pretend we live in a post racial society like pls lmao

have you ever met a guy so hot you started masturbating while you were standing up talking to him? 

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