have you ever had legitimate crush on a actor like to the point where you’re not even fangirling anymore you just actually love them

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omg, alicia keys truly believes people really give a fuck about what she does nowadays 

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The third rule of Fight Club is to have fun and try your best.

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There’s always that one person in the fandom who you don’t follow and who doesn’t follow you either.


Yet every time you see them on your dash, you think, “One day, you will fucking follow me,” because you feel like you’re secretly in an unspoken competition with them and you don’t want to be the one who gives in first.

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Brianna: Someone who is hot, nice, tappable, sexy, and a great girlfriend! she is great at sports and is very very hot!

Travis: yo Brianna is FINE! 
Andrew: yeah id tapp her 
Travis: no shit!

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