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Giving Up by Aaliyah
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Aaliyah | Giving Up (Is Hard To Do)

Aaliyah recorded this song at the request of Whitney Houston to prepare for her role in the remake of Sparkle which will be in theaters today. In an interview Whitney Houston said “[Aaliyah] was absolutely perfect … and we were gonna do this thing … and then [it] just … happened. Very sad and very memorable moment for me. I remember just crying fiercely and profusely. And I was going to meet with her that next week before that tragedy. When we brought it to her, she was so enthusiastic about it and she wanted to do it so badly.  She was our Sparkle. Unfortunately, it just didn’t go that way.”

Its just so unfortunate that Aaliyah never got to have the role that she was so excited about and now Whitney isn’t here to reap the benefits of her hard work of putting this movie together.  As far as this song goes, Aaliyah’s vocals were really unleashing.  This song proves that she was on her way to mega stardom. All of those negative comments about how “she couldn’t sing”  should be out the window. Aaliyah was becoming more comfortable with herself and her voice and it showed. 

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I Don’t Wanna | Aaliyah

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