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my nigga is on some mr. krabs fuckshit right now man he’s tripping cause i “forgot” (refused) to pay him 5 dollars for gas like two weekends ago like buddy what are doing buddy we’ve been friends since 1st grade we jacked off together once (backs turned no queen) ur on some Trey Singz bullshit now buddy and now he’s talking about interest man i will beat the fuck out of him before i pay 7 dollars man hell to the fuck to the Tom Green no

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When girls get compliments

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The Face Wed 10/9c on Oxygen! | RHOA Sun 8/9c on Bravo!


balmain jeans are $1000-$2000, ask me to help you take them off and I’ll take em and leave the morning after shit make a soft come up 

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Someone took Jeff Goldblum’s laugh from Jurassic Park and made it into a song. 

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phil collins went off doing the tarzan soundtrack.

he ain’t have to go that hard like that.

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yall keep sayin this and yall can’t commit man yall swear off white boys until the blonde nigga from sons of anarchy come thru and then you be tellin him to backhand you and spit in your mouth


I can’t deal because it’s true.

It’s like a bad addiction relapse.

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i bet you tupac & biggie are daft punk 

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Justin Bieber is a damn fool. Justin Timberlake laid out the entire blueprint of how to posture around black folk, snatch their shine, remain white and prosper but this youngin’ is just out here super flagrant! JT LAID OUT THE MAP FOR YOU! All Bieber had to do in life was to slip on some fingerless gloves, marry a white woman, shuffle onstage, and pretend to fuck with black folk in public while actually enjoying crustless sandwiches with yts like JT. The boy is lost.

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The very best thing during Awards Season is laughing at people taking videos of their TVs/computers so they can GIF it - unquenchable thirst tbh

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i like sucking dick because of the control i have over boys. i got their dick and balls in my mouth. i could just bite down right now and end it all

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you can be in your 30s and 40s and still be blogging like, do you i’m not here to knock, post them recipes girl but it’s a 48 year old on here talking to babies, taking time out of his day to make TEENAGERS feel bad about themselves like ok

please collect your social

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"Your relatives are here"


"They brought presents"


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