alreadyclaimednamefk asked : *raises glass* see you in hell

let’s be roommates


this is the most important thing on the internet today

please explain this snoopdogg
youmustfaceyourmortality asked : god ur such a dime piece I hATE U.


For anyone wondering what Robert Sheehan’s yearbook photograph was… It was this.


For anyone wondering what Robert Sheehan’s yearbook photograph was… It was this.

"We’re walking through Coney Island and everyone is screaming and those earbuds have a lot of static and you can barely hear and I’m trying to lip sing to the lyrics." - Beyoncé on filming “XO”

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Bow Down (Description) by Beyoncé
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If Simon Lewis could say a quote from Nathan Young from Misfits, what would he say?

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beezlikethat asked : If Leo came to your club and wifed you up tomorrow, name 5 bloggers that you're bringing along to fill the following positions: Assistant, Hair & makeup, PR, booty sweat wiper, & fan carrier.

Assistant: brandos & leobsession

Hair & makeup: milesjai

PR: freecocaine

booty sweat wiper: me

fan carrier: me because this is a pointless job that’s actually code for sex slave

musicsdrugdealers asked : Idk when I started following but I'm so glad I did! You give me SO much life it's not even funny and the fact that it's so effortless, I fucking can't! You are my 3 am while eating Ramen Noodles and drinking red Kool-aid humor that I get and your timing is perfect. I love exchanging our Rih shade and I get my perfect dose of great moments of all time in pop culture and a beautiful sea of white men (you have great taste) and I just wanted to say happy birthday! Beyonce is everything. KBYE.

this message has truly made me feel like beyonce

"I guess all I have to say about the topic is that, because TV is such a popular medium, HBO has a responsibility to represent its subjects accurately, especially when the network is selling a show as a representation of young New York. There’s no obligation to be kaleidoscopic, but there is a difference between writing a short story or essay about a bunch of white people that only a handful of people will read and creating another show about white people that millions of people will watch, especially when you’ve chosen to set that show in one of the most culturally mixed cities in the world."
— James Franco, about the lack of diversity on the show Girls [x] (via lettersintheampersand)
hot-chocalatey asked : You have such a high quality blog! There have been so many things you have posted that have given me so much LIFE. I don't want to sound too sketch, but I'm on Winter Break from college for a month and plan on going through all of 607 pages.

this is like, too much for me rn… i just try to post a little bit of everything i like and that changes all the damn time. tbh i never think people who follow me will stick around that long though so i’m glad someone appreciates it