The Quentin Tarantino Toe-Sucking Sex Email That Will Haunt Your Dreams

She made out with him, took sexy pictures in a photo booth, and watched him whip out his “short,” “fat,” “nub-like” penis.


this is some ratchet ass shit. and why is she so pressed that qt & jamie foxx (even though i hate his ass) don’t know who she is, she kept bringing it up like they are supposed to.

I was really amused at how she kept noting that Jamie Foxx didn’t give a fuck who she was like …girl, bye.

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    Yeah. Read at your own risk.
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    This is worded just like one of my best friends would have written it, which made me cackle.
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    I SORT OF KNOW THIS GIRL. i got the email before the media did. awesomeeee.
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    Um what
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    Ew. I share the same feelings as Tina Fey when it comes to feet (except not as militant; I don’t mind flip-flops, rofl)....
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    I kept reading, waiting for the controversial bit to happen… Tarantino has a foot fetish, news at 11.
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    oh my god that email was worded magnificently
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    omg so…. NONE of this surprises me. NONE of it. I’d also like to say that in “QT“‘s defense (who called him that?) that...
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    Damn I love this man. Bitch lost all creditably with me when she said he “makes fucked up films for a living”. Why did...
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    quentin tarantino has a foot fetish? SHOCKING although, ngl, if i was single and i met him someplace, i’d probably give...
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    He dated my good friend. This story is pretty spot on. Including the unshaved legs, disregard for plain underpants,...
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