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What Your Favorite Quentin Tarantino Film Says About You


Few movie directors exist who enthrall, annoy, and even anger their fans. Quentin Tarantino and his avant-garde style of filmmaking have earned him his infamous reputation. Smarmy humor, inappropriate situations, dressed with the nostalgia of classic cinema-these are some of the prime elements in a Quentin movie. Oh yeah, and toss in some pretty brutal violence in for good measure. It takes a certain type of soul to appreciate one of Q’s quirky films. Here’s what your favorite Tarantino movie probably says about your personality.

“Pulp Fiction” (1994)- The Artist/Thinker 

“Pulp Fiction,” with its many layers, wide array of characters, and plot twists probably appeals to people who live interesting lives and have a diverse group of friends. Those with a shrewd sense of humor are likely to be drawn to this movie’s subtle, yet hilarious nuances.

“Reservoir Dogs” (1992) - The Cynic

Quentin Tarantino’s earliest film is perhaps one of his grittiest movies. The weighty gangster element is tempered only with Q’s slick dialogue amongst the characters. Despite the extreme violence, this is a fairly masculine film with a lot of tension. Cynics and realists are probably attracted to the razor-sharpness of this early Tarantino movie.

“Jackie Brown” (1997) - The Nostalgia Lover

Tarantino knew exactly what he was doing when he cast the legendary blaxploitation actress Pam Grierin the lead role of “Jackie Brown.” This multi-hued heist movie is both dark comedy and crime drama. Underscored with a soulful soundtrack, the movie is dripping with nostalgia. Nonetheless, the humor is fairly upfront, keeping the transitions between scenes well oiled. People who call this Tarantino film a favorite are more than likely pretty traditional in their daily pursuits.

“Kill Bill” (2003-2004) - The Intellectual/Philosopher

Quentin found a way to make chicks dig martial arts when he brought “Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2” to the big screen. With an ensemble cast, and a profoundly multi-faceted storyline, “Kill Bill” delves into the marvels of ancient Asian culture, weaving a tale of love and revenge. You’re almost certainly a high-level intellect to pull apart the myriad of details of this Tarantino installment.

“Death Proof” (2007) - “Straight, No Chaser”

This campy, yet violent movie pays homage to the B-movies of yesterday, deftly blending in a solid dose of Girl Power into the fray. Quentin doesn’t hide his trademark sarcastic streak in this female-heavy flick. However, the movie takes us on an entertaining, but fairly predictable ride. If “Death Proof” is your cup of tea, you are the lover of easy thrills.

“Inglourious Basterds” (2009) - The Extrovert

Tarantino’s idiosyncratic period film is his biggest, flashiest box-office success. The movie, based on Nazi Germany leadership is noted for its star-studded cast and grand production. This movie is filled with all the trappings of a clever thrills Tarantino is famous for. Extroverted personalities are probably attracted to the heavy-handed approach of “Inglorious Basterds.”

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