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youmustfaceyourmortality-deacti asked : is it just me or is rihanna just a west indian hoodrat that made it? that bitch is always on twitter doing the most.

i don’t think she’s even a real hoodrat, just constantly trying to make people believe she’s ‘bout dat life’ and talking down on other girls all the damn time. i do like her face and her closet but her personality is unattractive as fuck and there’s no substance in her music

Posted on Friday, 26th of October 2012 with 50 notes
  1. izabellaspoppa said: nail on the head
  2. musicsdrugdealers said: THISSSSSSSS! Again you are my ace!
  3. coffeesandnetflix said: Preach!
  4. kittstacks said: you know im a stan and you ain’t neva lied.
  5. caustica said: yesss.
  6. diamondlikeprecision said: Truer words have never been spoken.
  7. rouxx said: yes
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