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youmustfaceyourmortality-deacti asked : is there no middle ground with ur boo ezra? he's making it very hard for me to be sexually attracted to him. he either looks like he hasn't discovered showers yet, or a child serial killer. da fuq. let a bitch love you!

let’s get one thing straight, one does not simply explain the sex appeal that ezra embodies. one simply accepts the fact that he is both angel and dark lord who may or may not cleanse himself on a daily basis, then proceeds to fap with ease.

Posted on Tuesday, 23rd of October 2012 with 19 notes
  1. musicsdrugdealers said: Oh my God, shut up! I cannot with you! I swear your responses are so epic, you’re so damn funny! I hate that it’s so natural for yout!
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