girlmeetspavement asked : So how do I ask a man to DTR without sounding like a crazy person. Because I like the sex and all, and I dont mind it just staying sex but how do you phrase that?

weell, i don’t think you should have to ask him(and i had to look on urban dictionary to find out what DTR meant BTW. OMG. LOL. TBH). if y’all are just fucking and he’s not showing signs of wanting more then maybe it’s just that. you don’t wanna force something that’s not there, but if y’all chill and vibe on a more mental note eventually something may come about. just let it flow gurl, let. it. flow.

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  1. honestanon said: DDR is game. DR. Is professional. Dtf is happy fun time. Dtr?! Down To Ride? Doing the raunchy? Abrev. For dater? Idk my bff jill wtf? Im outta ideas…hmm I guess i can see how ‘dtr’ could stand for double penetration but you have to want to see it.
  2. majiinboo said: how do you get a man first of all? lol
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