movieslivewithinme asked : I didn't start listening to him until swimming pools came out. If Dre is making all these appearances on songs why can't he just finally put out Detox?

OMFG, a few months ago i realized that i’ve been waiting for detox to come out since 2003. almost a fucking decade! like, how is that even allowed? at this point i don’t think it’s ever coming out and maybe he never started working on it to begin with… maybe he was just trying to keep us happy with the lies

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  1. so-not-the-norm said: Well I remember.. ” I hope I don’t get struck down for uttering her name.. Keri Hilson*coughs* doing an interview saying that she workedwith Dre, & the way she put it, one of her tracks made the cut to be on the album, so maybe it’s timing thing.
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