carmoolago asked : sorry i didn't bring any cheesecake, however what is Workaholics?? you got me hooked on MisFits now it looks like I'm about to find out about something new again via you THANKS FEM

Workaholics is a show, actually more like an experience, that happens on comedy central every Tuesday night(not currently though so you’ve got plenty time to catch up before the next season). It follows the adventures of 3 20 something 9-5ers just trying to live young, wild, and free but also deal with the reality of being a grown up AND OMFG I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. I haven’t really fallen for a show this hard since Misfits for whatever reason, but gurl please do yourself a favor and start watching. It takes a lot to make me actually lol and this show makes my cheeks hurt… I wish I had ride or die bfff’s and a badass house when I was working at a call center because judging from the show, I would’ve enjoyed it a hell of a lot more(j/k, my ass would’ve been fired if I ever attempted any of the stuff they get away with). Just watch it, it’s good ish.

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