Kristen Stewart, gurl bye. I know it’s no ones business blah blah blah, and i’ve never really stanned for her or Rob, but I have been cheated on and that apology was weak. You’re only sorry if you apologize before you get caught and put on blast in the worst way. Cheating is one thing, cheating with someones husband is another, but cheating on Robert Pattinson is just…

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  3. fuckyeahshuthefuckup said: the guy who she cheated with was such a downgrade, and if you’re a CELBRITY, in the PUBLIC EYE, why the hale! Go to another country or do it inside your house or something, wait, don’t do it at all! lol what am i saying
  4. isitscary said: obvs girl was in the wrong, but i think folks should be going in on rupert’s stupid ass because he is the one with the wife and two kids. like, really dude? ‘i’ve deeply hurt my family.’ were you thinking about that when you were all over kristen?
  5. dirrtyprettythingz said: this whole thing is fake
  6. dickprintbandit said: im so done with her casper the ghost lookin ass.
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