Sometimes I really do feel sorry for Christopher. Mainstream America still labels you a thug years after the fact, and then when you finally get into an altercation with a guy it’s fucking Drake. And now people are mistaking your nose ring for cocaine… like damn.

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  3. diamondlikeprecision said: oh that was a nose ring? i didn’t think it was cocaine. but i did think it was possibly a booger.
  4. musicsdrugdealers said: Oh shit I CANNOT with you right now!!! I’m so done!
  5. soarinsteven said: CB has shown to be nothing but a remorseless, arrogant, immature asshole. No one should feel sorry for him, and Rih just needs to stay far away from both.
  6. drdicaprio said: i feel so bad about this srsly i dont love drake anymore ew
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