OMG Willow Smith reblogged one of my posts…

Maybe she’ll check the source and tell her dad about my blog.

Posted on Sunday, 10th of June 2012 with 75 notes
tagged:  #MAYBE
  1. fuckyeahmusicgifs said: watchu mean. does she have a blog??????
  2. lexithemexi said: get it girl! get it!
  3. merrymiaow said: HE’S AS GOOD AS YOURS, BB.
  4. jamesfrancobs said: what is her blog ??’
  5. underworlds said: omg, that’s so awesome. I feel like if anyone deserves for Will Smith to see their blog, it’s you. Is that a weird thing to say…? OH WELL, IT’S TRUE. ♥
  6. monsterparamour said: i’m just laughing at that gif
  7. caustica said: all those fresh prince gifs. he’ll be so overwhelmed.