Brian Mcknight is so gross

Like ugh, you’re too old for that shit and it just sounds wrong

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    diddleston said: i know black people are supposed to age well but that man did not ^^ read that and burst out laughing....
  4. destroyer said: I’d suck him. lol.
  5. forever-erica said: "I’ma show you how your pussy works…" What the hell, Brian?
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  7. fuckyeahshuthefuckup said: let me show you howww your pussyyy workss o.O
  8. kisakiru said: Co-Sign
  9. homme-boy said: ugh, that pussy song, right? lawd hammercy.
  10. metaphoric-jizm said: Is it wrong that I got my life from it tho?
  11. wanna-bumble-with-the-bee said: I thought I was the only one that thought this.
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