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"All of this is typical girl-fear. Once you realize that The Exorcist is, essentially, the story of a 12-year-old who starts cussing, masturbating, and disobeying her mother—in other words, going through puberty—it becomes apparent to the feminist-minded viewer why two adult men are called in to slap her around for much of the third act. People are convinced that something spooky is going on with girls; that, once they reach a certain age, they lose their adorable innocence and start tapping into something powerful and forbidden. Little girls are sugar and spice, but women are just plain scary. And the moment a girl becomes a woman is the moment you fear her most. Which explains why the culture keeps telling this story."


Don't Know What To Tell Ya by Aaliyah
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brad pitt and 2pac probably fucked the most people in the 90s 

bickle asked : who would you go out with? Brad Pitt circa early '90s or Jeff Goldblum in Annie Hall. and "both" is never an option.

for one, you are rude af for asking me this and i will never forgive you but you said “go out with” not “fuck on sight” so…

william bradley pitt in the 90s was/is the epitome of top shelf white bae but he literally ran through half of hollywood so i probably wouldn’t have got to date him but for like a week so i’m gonna say i would rather “go out with” jeff in ‘annie hall’ because he was slept on


Some of y’all need to keep your sex thoughts in the bedroom and off the dash I have an appetite to retain I’m 56

bae aesthetic

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taylor swift - shake it off (no autotune version)

this is such a look

this is such a look

why do people say “fucking your boyfriend” or “fucking your man” like it’s some big ass accomplishment? like duh, he is a man, that’s obvious 

When I’m in a happy state of mind, I often am in Los Angeles, recently you know those Fantasy Tour vans that go around, I don’t know what they’re looking at, they’re looking at studios and things like that, when I pass them in my car sometimes I roll down the window and point myself out to them. Sometimes they don’t notice me, and I’ll go “OK never mind”, but sometimes they go “Oh ladies and gentleman, to the right we have Jeff Goldblum.”

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Brad Pitt and Robin Givens, 1989

majiinboo asked : let's hope Nick Jonas goes all the way with the George Michael vibes and comes out as gay lol

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I Want Your Sex by George Michael
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