brianna. i love cheesecake and fried zucchini. i make gifs. i like pretty pictures of famous people & neon colors. nostalgia is my religion. robert de niro is my cure for everything. i dream about fucking most of the men that grace the pages of this blog on a pink yacht. samuel l. jackson is my uncle. james dean was my first. prince is my stylist, beyonce is my fairy godmother.

-daria taught me.

5555 halloween town blvd.

99.3% of the people who visit my blog don’t read my faq so I hope you enjoyed that…

this isn’t me but it is a stripper kissing jeff goldblum which is pretty cool

this is me/la face =

yesi'm a black gurl… duh.

sometimes i like share personal stories with the class, you can find them here. If you want to see more pictures of me you can find them here along with some pictures that aren’t of me.

"what does your URL mean"? tim burton is one of my favorite directors but I flipped it to fem(female) because I have a vagina. 

gifs & screencaps:SMPlayer, CS4… a bit of witchcraft

other blogs:



heads up, i’m a ridiculously nice sarcastic person so don’t take anything i say seriously unless i put ‘lol’ at the end. so that’s that…

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